If you are a small animal pet lover, you will want to know some important facts about hamsters for sure. Whether you are planning to adopt one or have already had one at home, understanding the facts about hamsters will be important. In this article, you will be able to learn some of the most interesting ones!

Important and Interesting Facts about Hamsters

One of the most popular facts about hamsters is that they are friendly. Even though they love to live alone, they can enjoy your companionship. That is why they become a great pet to keep at home. Other than that, there are a few other important and fun facts about hamsters that you should not miss.


5 Facts about Hamsters That You Should Know

Since there are a lot of facts that we can discover from hamsters, we are going to discuss some of the most important ones. For example, there is a fact that hamsters are nocturnal creatures since they tend to sleep throughout the day. Without further ado, here are the other facts about hamsters that you should know.

Fact #1: Hamsters were “found” in the Syrian Desert

Have you known about the Syrian hamster facts? There must be a reason why this type of hamster is becoming the most popular pet hamsters. Even though hamsters are indigenous to various regions of the world, Syrian hamsters are just well-known around the planet. This hamster is known to be discovered in the Syrian Desert about 100 years ago.


Fact #2: Hamsters like to collect their food

Actually, the name “hamster” originates from a German word which means “to hoard”. It is described the facts about baby hamsters as well as adult hamsters that tend to pack their food in cheek pouches which are located on both parts of their faces. As they collected the food on the pouches, they can snack on later.


Fact #3: Hamsters love to sleep in enclosed spaces

This is one of the essential hamster facts that you should keep in mind since it can help you learn how to give the best care for your hamsters. Since they like to sleep in such enclosed spaces, you can put stuff like small flowerpots and paper towel tubes into your hamsters’ cage. For the bedding, use clean, dust-free materials.


Fact #4: Hamster’s teeth grow constantly

Believe it or not, hamster’s teeth are growing continuously. That is why you have to provide them with anything to chew on. Whether you are learning about Roborovski hamster facts or other hamster types, you will find out about this fact. Thus, you may consider giving them wood toys and blocks to keep their teeth worn and healthy.


Fact #5: Hamsters love to do a workout

Since hamsters have a high metabolism, they need a lot of exercises. For this reason, you can provide a hamster wheel that can keep them busy. They tend to enjoy rolling around and play with hamster balls. Understanding one of this winter white hamster facts will remind you to provide the best place for your hamsters to do a workout.


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